Who are we

We are a bunch of Bankers, Insurers, Tech enthusiast and Blockchain experts with experience in building scaleups to large businesses.

We are here to empower the tokenization ecosystem to put a RWA token in every customers wallet. Thereby increasing the financial health of people who are presently dissatisfied with the 0 to 1% growth in their wealth.

Core team is located in Europe. However, our advisors are scattered throughout the world, including US, UK, Mid-east, India, Singapore, etc.

How can we partner

We are keen to brainstorm together with any entity in the RWA , Web 3 space. Feel free to leave a message.

We are tech & asset agnostic. That means our model works with any tokenization platform, no matter the product, Real estate, IP, Financial instruments and more.

We do not deal in cryptocurrencies. Only fiat or stable coins or tokenized assets.

Our MISSION: A Token for Every Wallet

It’s worth noting that our team has garnered the support of numerous financial professionals throughout Europe. This backing is both a vote of confidence in our initiative, as well as a valuable resource for us moving forward. From deep experience and expertise to potential funding opportunities, these bankers offer a wealth of benefits to our mission. We are proud to have established these relationships and are grateful for the efforts of everyone involved in arranging them. With such a strong network of support in place, we are poised for success and eager to continue building on our vision.

Our team would love to get in touch with you