ToFi24 is a B2B company that helps Tokenization Platforms increase sales by allowing their buyers to reserve tokens now and pay for them in installments over time, decreasing risk for both parties in terms of selling and purchasing tokens.
It’s a win-win situation!

The Tokenization Market and its growth

$ 0 T
Token Market Growth By 2030
$ 0 T
Real Estate related financial assets
0 x
Market Growth
~ 0 %
Global GDP


Faced by Token Selling Platforms

There are 3 primary problems for Token issuers:

1) Cart Abandonment 
2) Improving ticket sizes
3) Working Capital & costs

These make their business less scalable and lowers margins & valuation.  Thereby adversely impacting the long term growth of a perfectly sound tech disruption.


Empowered by ToFi24

By partnering with ToFi24, business benefits by:

1) Making it easier for buyers to trust & invest
2) Encouraging higher uptake of tokens/transaction
3) Fastens inventory clearance thereby reducing interest payments.

This makes per project profitability shoot up by ~20%, which itself boosts the sustainability of this business model.

How Token issuance Platforms benefit

  • Easier to sell out tokens by encouraging risk averse token buyers to purchase more tokens per transaction.
  • Instant increase in sales (10% of tokens are instantly guaranteed-to-be-sold via ToFi24 RNPL route).
  • Lower cost of financing for token sellers (~20% less interest costs on borrowing (assuming sales cycle cut by 1/4th).
  • Token buyers take control of their liquidity with the ability to reserve multiple tokens now and pay over time.
  • Higher purchasing capacity created for token buyers by factoring in future buying ability, resulting in increased sales and reduced cart abandonment for the token seller.

Asset & Tech Agnostic

We offer A financial solution For all RWA ecosystems

Real Estate, Financial instruments

Commodities, other Fractionalized assets

IP, Licenses & royalities

We Will guide You Every Step Of The Way

We believe that to have sustainable growth, it’s key to grow together. Therefore we share our financing and insurance expertise, irrespective of whether your customers use our facilities or not. We grow when you grow.

Meet the team


20 years in retail banking & startups


25 years in Insurance, commercial roles and business legal.

Key Mentor

Directeur Wholesale Banker

1st Talent

Business Consultant


What our Clients say

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